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What We Offer

At Shinin ’Light Care, we believe that every child is unique and deserving of the highest quality care and attention. We are dedicated to the Safety and nurturing of every child that we are caring for. We are open with our communication and value feedback so that we can continuously grow in order to better serve our families. 


Nanny vs. Babysitter- The constant debate in the industry! At Shinin’ Light Care the differences are not very many because we believe that every childcare provider should be operating in excellence regardless of the “title” for a particular session. We classify a Nanny  as someone with over five (5) years of experience who has obtained training in areas ranging from healthy eating habits to child abuse. They will ensure your child is developing mentally, emotionally, and physically. The provider will be sure to help instill your family’s core values and beliefs within your child. They will provide age-appropriate learning and interactive activities to help aid your child.  They will be engaged and contributing to enhancement in all areas. A Babysitter will encompass all of these things as well, but may not have as many years of experience. 

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Pricing : 

There is an initial placement fee of $450 to cover the cost of nanny placement. This is for either part time or full time nanny placement. There is no fee if only an occasional babysitter is needed. 


Full time Nanny - Minimum of 30 hours / wk $24/ hr for 1-2 children. 


Part Time Nanny- Minimum of 20 hours / wk $22/hr for 1-2 children.


Babysitter - Minimum of 2 hours per session $20/hr for 1-2 children. 

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